25 April 2009

I saw this at Ace of Spades, thought it was hilarious and then my seeeeeester(!) sent it to me in an email. So now I must share with all! I love Joe Cocker, as does Jan, but let's face it, he is a trifle difficult to understand at times. So, now with convenient subtitles:

I don't think I can remember what the real words are now.

So, I was in Target today after work, shocking I know, and I went down the aisle where my skin care line is located. Now, I had been racing around the store collecting items for my retail therapy, I was wearing a fleece, and I think I'm trying to come down with something. Hopefully, not swine flu. But I digress. The point is in this aisle was a little aesthetician type chickie who may have been legally able to consume alcohol in public for about 15 minutes, max. I mentioned to her that I had been using a certain product but had been thinking of switching to another product made by the same company, and what did she think. As she was formulating a plan all my rushing around, fleece wearing, and feeling punk caught up with me and I got a little warm. This cosmo-nymph looked at me and said, "Hot flash huh? My mom gets them all the time, so I recognize the signs." She must not work on commission, that's all I'm sayin'.


  1. I don't get it. The Wonder Years came out in the 80s, so how could this song be at Woodstock in 1969????

  2. It's worm hole technology, I tell you!


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