16 April 2009

Somebody just freakin' shoot me

Coming home this afternoon Spawn of Satan says, "Mommy? Do you know where my girl sensor is?"

Me: "What?"

SoS: "My girl sensor; do you know where it is?"

Me: "What?!?"

Sos: "It's in my wrong spot. I mean my inappropriate spot."

Me: "Are you talking about your penis?!?"

SoS" "Yeah!"

SoS and I then had a conversation about how in THIS house, it is a penis and nothing else, it's not a wrong spot (something he picked up at school) but he's too young to worry about girls, so this particular line of questioning WAS inappropriate. Once again, where does a six year old come up with this???? I see an ass load of medication in my future and not for the kid. All for the mama!

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