17 April 2009

Volkswagon Beetle Turbo. Is it just me or is that a bit of an oxymoron? But that could just be my age showing. To my mind, Bugs are still orange with flower decal door panels and a very distinctive sound of a three cycle engine redlined at 45 miles an hour.

It's late at night, I've got 3 boys asleep upstairs (sleepover), a fourth boy calling me to pimp me for my ebay account (nephews!), a dog asleep on his bed and a cat sacked out so close to my thigh he's almost part of my DNA. The idiot box is showing that 1986 ode to teh ghey Navy, Top Gun. Or I've been told that's what it's an ode to and not just the best recruiting video ever. However, this insight was from members of "The Silent Service", so there may be some bias there. Although, surface ships at least have women, .....they could be frontin' I guess. And has anyone seen Val Kilmer lately? Time has not been kind, that's all I'm sayin'

Not a bad picture in a I'm-too-sexy-for-this-flight-suit kind of way.

Carbs might just kill, man.

Okay, seriously, could Top Gun have had worse dialogue? I feel like I need a shower now.

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