20 April 2009


After a day spent refreshing my Advanced Cardiac Lifesaving knowledge in the frigid basement of a converted church on a gorgeous 75 degree day, and hearing about 900 jokes about 420, I sent the kids out to walk the dog around the neighborhood. FB is 10, our neighborhood is as safe as it can be in this day and age and I threatened SoS within an inch of his hide if he didn't listen to his brother. I expected few problems. They came home within a reasonable time for walking the dog around the 'hood and SoS bursts in with "Mommy! I got you flowers!" And he had a fist full of these:

"Erm....those are beautiful, honey, thank you so much! But, sweetie, don't pick the flowers in other people's yards. Those are their pretties."

"Okay, Mommy. But can we still keep them?"

I expect a notice of damages to be paid to be staked to my door with a blood stained dagger any minute now. Homeowner Nazis.

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