08 April 2009

*snicker* It's here!

"The Classic Regency Romance Now With Ultra-Violent Zombie Action!"

What could be better? The perfect novel combined with zombies...NIRVANA!!! Lest anyone jerk my English Degree bona fides I adore Jane Austen and have read all of her novels numerous times and have dissected and discussed her imagery ad nauseum. Some of my best writing revolved around my girl Jane. The only thing I adore more, however, is satire and, let's face it, liberal arts students (and graduates) have a tendency to take themselves a trifle too seriously. What better antidote to those clove smoking, espresso swilling elitists than taking a literary masterpiece and injecting it with brain eating zombies? "...Mrs. Long struggled to free herself as two female dreadfuls bit into her head, cracking her skull like a walnut...." I never did like Mrs. Long and this seems a fitting end. I'm hoping for some more of the same for Wickham, Lady DeBourgh and that little brat Lydia if you must know the truth. I'll let you know how it ends. Read on!


  1. I know! Elizabeth is even more kick ass than usual and I have high hopes for Lydia getting eaten by a zombie and being avenged by her sisters.

  2. okay - so zombie update: how's it reading, thus far?

  3. It's a fun little read, but not really up to World War Z standards. The original sections that he left unchanged are jarring in conjunction with the ultra violent zombie mayhem. But that may just be my elitist English degree sneaking in. It made me laugh, and really, that's the only important element here! Favorite part is when Elizabeth lopped off Lydia's head,even though it was only a fantasy. Darn it all. Would have been a fitting end and much more satisfying than her true fate.


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