13 January 2009

Another nail in the coffin of professionalism

Had a lovely patient today. It was her 6th baby, this was a surprise pregnancy and surprise! It was a boy! She had a history of really fast labors and she wanted an epidural this time, just for kicks. She decided since this was her last, she would enjoy it. The doc came in and broke her water at 1 cm and I cautioned her, very strongly, that if she felt the slightest twinge, she was to call me. I came back in every 5 -10 minutes like the obsessive compulsive I am, "How are you? Anything going on I should know about?" I'm sure I was driving her crazy, but she really wanted this epidural and I really didn't want her to miss it. About 30 minutes after the doc broke her water she called out and said she was starting to get uncomfortable. So, I checked her cervix.

Me: "SHIT!"
She: "What?!?"
Me: "You're four centimeters."
She: "SHIT!"

We scurried around and got her epidural in....and then I apologized for swearing at her.

Definition of irony: Crisis day at work, nearly every room full of patients, unscheduled C-sections, a-hole anesthesiologists, not enough staff, real wrath of God type stuff and where is our union rep, who also happends to be the union president? At a meeting. On unsafe staffing. Would you care for our input on the unsafe staffing situation Madame President?

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