10 January 2009

Self defense? Why would I need self defense?

There aren't many adults that would take on a pitbull (without a big freakin' stick), let alone a scrawny 9 year old. Meet Drew Heredia who has been taking Brazilian Jiu-jitsu for about 2 months. Drew and a 12 year old neighbor were walking with her dog when a pitbull ran out and attacked the dog. The neighbor tried to intervene to save her dog when the pitbull turned on her. That's when Drew threw down a rear naked choke hold:

He wanted to kick it, but he thought the dog would just bite his leg
Instead, he put the move on him. "He was moving really hard like
one of those rodeo bulls," Drew said. "Then he went limp." For more
than 20 minutes Drew held the panting dog until animal control officials

Note to self: don't mess with Drew.

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