06 January 2009

Unexpected Day Off

So much time....so little motivation.

I got a little surprise at 0530 today. A phone call telling me that I had been mandatorily (that's not really a word, but it works for me) low censused. Meaning, we had few patients and even after 10 years, I'm still low man on the totem pole as far as seniority on day shift goes. What can you expect when nearly everyone there has been there 20 plus years? My point here was, I didn't have to go in. This was completely fine with me because a) I'm getting a little over working there and b) I had stayed up until 2345 playing "Guitar Hero." Good times, good times.

I had many thoughts of what I could do today. Workout, clean house, organize pictures, sew, run to Good Will, take down Christmas lights, the list was endless. What I got accomplished was this: took the kids to the bus, tried to nap, worked out, showered, tried to nap, took down Christmas lights in a monsoon but did not put them away, aaaannnndddd that's about it. Oh, and I watched a movie. And tried to nap. Unfortunately, my brain never shuts down enough to actually sleep, which was a drag since I was a trifle fatigued. But I give myself kudos for not spending 8 straight hours trying to advance my career in Guitar Hero. So, I'm not a complete loser.

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