05 January 2009

I rarely drink, believe you me!

I was skulking around the beer case in Albertson's today, trying to figure out which libation SHSO'C would best like for the restocking of the fridge, when a gentleman that looked not a little like ol' Mel here walked up to me and mumbled, "Nothing looks good, but I know I might want something later." I'm not sure what his aim was in trying to tell me, and the mouse in my pocket apparently, that he wasn't a constant drinker. The disheveled hair and the bunny eyes at 1300 might be attributed to a night shift worker just waking up after a usually not restful daysleep, but the overwhelming aroma of 6 days of Old Milwaukee wafting off his person made a lie of that assumption. It wasn't until I passed the next aisle that I saw where I should have directed him.

Really, I think this may have been more to his liking and, if memory serves, there is a hell of a lot more bang for your buck with MD20/20 or Night Train than there is from swilling some half-assed beer. Even the too-too microbrews preferred around here can't get you hammered as fast or as hard as some good old fashioned rot gut. We were known to mix Boone's with moonshine...woooo doggies! Talk about a hangover of epic proportions, but the trip was worth it!

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