04 January 2009

I recently received a funny email from the Kiminator with a plethora of hilarious ads from the 1940's. Hilarious and in some cases, completely freaky! Take this one, for instance:

Okay, the image sucks and is blurry so here is a link to a clearer image

Ladies, and gents who like 'em, this is an ad for a Lysol douche. Douche. Lysol. Roll that around in your melon for a minute. The ingredients in Lysol are Ethanol/SD Alcohol, Isopropyl alcohol, carbon dioxide, benzalkonium chloride, and 2-phenylphenol. Does this sound like something you want to swish around in your sensitive naughty bits? And if you're a guy, would you want to stick your naughty bits in that swamp of chemicals? I think not.

Then there is the text that says if the marriage suffers a "slow down" so to speak, the wife should look no further than her stinky whooha for the blame. If she would make sure to "safeguard her dainty feminine allure" her hubby wouldn't have to be rambling through cat houses in an effort to satisfy his urges. One of these ads reminds women that feminine hygiene is not a "now and then" endeavor but something that should be done regularly. No shit, Sherlock. Maybe if this skank practiced feminine hygiene more often she wouldn't need to listen to the quack who encourages her to swish her mucous membranes in carbolic acid. But, wait, I don't know whereof I speak as the manufacturers assure us that "gentle, non-caustic Lysol will not harm delicate tissues." WTF? This is the same crap they tout hospitals use in order to seem less like a petri dish and obtain the level of cleanliness found in the average week old bar towel. I'm thinkin' my "delicate tissues" may just protest.

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