01 October 2009

Okay, This State Is Out of It's Minds; But Someone Has A Sense of Humor


In related news; I work tomorrow so I can't see Zombieland until next week. I'm devastated.  I could get a babysitter this weekend, but I don't want to spend the money.  Not on the babysitter; the $10.50 for a full price movie.  Maybe for Gran Torino but there aren't many other movies I'd pay that much for.   Although, on second thought, Zombieland would be one of them!  Waaaaahhhhhh!


  1. I would have really liked to see their plan for dealing with the zombie invasion!

  2. Ha!

    I'm too chicken to see the movie in the theatre. Ima wait till it comes out on video. =/

  3. Shel,

    Me too, but they took it off really quickly. Bummer. Perhaps we can hack multiscare and add a new emergency code...


    It looks like it's going to be pretty funny, but with lots o' gore. I have to go by myself, so we'll see how I do without someone to smack during the tense parts!


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