06 October 2009

Wow. Just...wow. And not in a good way.

Holy crap, the world is full of strange and unusual people.


Had a return of one of my favorite type of patient today. The "I'm allergic to most narcotics but only if they are legally obtained. I'm gonna pee hot for narcs I don't have prescriptions for and throw in some benzodiazepines while I'm at it." woot.


  1. 8.4 seconds. Thats all I lasted for that video. Yuck!

    I'd piss hot for benzos. But I have a script. Just sayin. ;)

  2. So you missed his breast implants on his arm tattoo then. It was pretty foul.

    I'd love it if someone pissed hot for drugs they had scripts for; it would be unique!

  3. so know that patient.....came in Mon night for same low back pain. Hoopman pt? 36 weeks now? mmmm, hmmmm. Hard to make labor and delivery when you complain like this for everything girl....


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