08 October 2009

Who's A Happy Girl???!

FINALLY saw Zombieland today.  And all I can saw was IT. WAS. AWESOME!  So hilarious that I even snorted.  Which caused the guy in the row behind me to laugh hysterically at me.  It's my pleasure to bring some joy into someone's life.  I think I may love Woody Harrelson again; and that's not easy for me to do.  Ahhh, can you not love a film that has Metallica, Van Halen, and Willy Nelson in the soundtrack as well as the main character having an overwhelming fear of clowns?  I submit you cannot.  Go see it.  Go see it now.  Then purchase the DVD when it comes out for more zombie pleasure.  Ooooo! Shaun of the Dead and Zombieland double feature....my nippies just got hard!

Couple of favorite quotes:

"God bless Rednecks!"
"You are a giant fucking cock block from some secret government agency."


  1. Lauren saw it the other night and proclaimed it "fucking hysterical and her favorite zombie mover EVER". Thats high praise coming from her. No really, she hates every movie.

    you snorted. lmao.

  2. You have to see it on the big screen! Take a friend! The worst part for me was the fucking clown.

  3. Still looking on the streets of Bangkok for this movie. Can't wait to see it!

  4. I'll see it on a big screen when it comes out on video. I got that new 65" tv. =)

  5. Peedee,

    ooooo, FREE big screen TV!


    Try to restrain your lust for pirated vids and see it in a theater. Shaky hand cams is not the way to do justice to this most awesome film.


Okay, GO!