10 March 2010

Because of my predilection for all movies creepy and gruesome, I was thrilled when I first saw the trailer for The Crazies. I was informed, by a very reliable source, that The Crazies was a remake of a incredibly terrible George Romero film by the same name.  A film, my source continued, that was more on par with the films of Ed Wood, i.e. not up to Romero's usual standard.  "But the trailer looks so good, so incredibly creepy, so fanTAStic!" I thought to myself.  This must be a much better film than the original.  So, disregarding the wisdom of my source, who, I might mention, is usually never wrong in cases like these, I took my little hinder off to the matinee.  (Which around these parts is $7.75; don't get me started on that crap!)  After all, Rotten Tomatoes gave it 71%!  The source must be off his game.  Yeah, not so much.  There were a few jumpy, creepy parts, but for the most part I laughed and scoffed.  It may have had something to do with the hackneyed plot of evil plan from the military- industrial complex.  Yawn.  However, Timothy Olyphant is hot in this flick (a surprise as I did not find him so in Live Free or Die Hard; I don't know maybe it was the blonde hair).  To make up for this fiasco, I had to rent some movies from the local video store.  I rented Surrogates, (so, I'm behind the times, sue me), a fine little film called Carriers (kind of a morality play within a plauge with Chris Pine...also hot), and OMG!  Dead Snow!!!!1!!!  I was wandering around waiting for SoS to make a decision, holding onto Surrogates and Carriers and some chick flick I didn't think I would like, but everyone else loved, and I saw the zombie Nazi head coming out of the snow from the corner of my eye.  I almost wet 'em!  I practically threw said chick flick back onto the shelf and glommed onto that case faster than a zombie on a juicy, hamstrung, fat man.  (Remember the rules of Zombieland...#1-Cardio!)  It's not often you can watch a zombie movie with subtitles.

Wow.  Ally Sheedy is on the season ender for Psych.  And looking a little psych-o.  'Course, she had that look through most of her films, especially St Elmo's Fire and Short Circuit. 

Am I the only one whose knees hurt when they haven't worked out in a few days?  Maybe my synovial fluid decreases with inactivity.  Weird.  Also, my gums itch if I eat popsicles.  I eat them, I enjoy them, and then for 20 minutes I want to scratch my gums right next to my teeth.  Yeah, I could probably use some pharmaceutical of the psychoactive variety.  Speaking of which, how do these companies advertising all manner of free controlled substances, find me?  I even got a text on my phone. I'm not so bad that it's floating on the ether out there...I'm not Virg, schlepping from one pharmacy to the next in Mexico refilling her apothecary table for pete's sake! 


  1. I read that but I think I have ADD so I got this......

    dont see the crazies

    see snow something or other (i'll go back and look at the title)

    umm...i'm struggling here...shit...there was something else...ummm oh! your knees itch from rubbing popsicles on them and your teeth hurt from running!

    phew. got it all! OH and rx drugs. you like them but not toooooo much.

    (can you tell i got bored with grammar and punctuation/capitalization??)

  2. haha! That's pretty much it in a nutshell! And I haven't even had any of them there rx drugs tonight...glad I'm as coherent as usual.


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