02 March 2010

Sign That I Was Destinied To Be The Mother of Boys

I stood in the kitchen with the refrigerator door open as I drank kefir straight from the bottle, contemplated how long that cobweb hanging from the light had actually been there, yet not making an effort to do anything about it.  I then put the bottle back, closed the fridge, ignored the dishes in the sink that should go in the dishwasher and went upstairs, where I have wasted time on the computer for the last 2 hours.  Good night y'all.


  1. Procrastination knows no gender girl.

  2. Oh, I am Queen Procrastination, but the fact that I can do it in front of an open fridge while drinking straight from the carton...I think I have a defective X chromosome. Although my brother would be so proud.

  3. shhhhhhh....I drink from the gatorade bottle and put it back. There are dishes that I've looked at for 2 days, maybe 3 in the sink. My oldest brother and I are roomates and can I tell you he is hands down the BEST roomate I've ever had. I was trained right by them like you by yours.


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