15 March 2010

Hello, I'm Peter Graves

Rest well, Peter. This may be my favorite of your movies. Well, that and Airplane


  1. Didnt he say that famous line, "Surely, Shirley" "Thank you and dont call me Shirley" or something like that in Airplane??

    Airplane is STILL funny all these years later. Classic.

  2. I have still not been to a Turkish prison, but Mr. Graves has inspired me to do so before I die.

  3. Peedee,
    Yeah, he'd say something and then someone would say, "Surely, you're joking?" And he'd reply, "I'm dead serious. And don't call me Shirley." I go through periods where I'll watch Airplane every day for a week. But, I'm obsessive like that.

    You know I'm all for you fulfilling your dreams; so good luck with that! :D


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