15 March 2010

I dropped the kids off at the school bus and decided to try someplace new to run with Knucklehead McSpazatron as the weather has finally been Pacific Northwest like, the woods are just a giant mud hole, and I have no desire to wash the dog today. The Maritime City has extended the Cushman trail and the trail head for Phase Two is near my house. So, I thought to myself, "Self? Let us go check this puppy out; it will be a refreshing change of scenery, not to mention be nice not to look like we've been four wheeling instead of running." Well, it would have been, except there is no way in hell I'm running that part of the trail. It has no less than three 8% grades and two 10%. I have had cars that had difficulties making those inclines; I'm sure as shit not going to do it. It's sheer laziness, I admit it. I'm not afraid of working out hard, but I really see no reason to hurt as bad as that sucker would make me. I power walked it and didn't stop, even though the park benches beckoned provocatively. Actually, the only thing I thought about those benches was, "Why are they on an incline? Couldn't the city have built up the ground or made one leg longer that the other so you could sit on a level surface if you so desired?" Engineer's daughter, what can I say? At least Knucklehead McSpazatron got enough of a workout to satisfy him for the next hour while I clean the car. An hour and a half of trotting up and down hills did it for him, but tomorrow we may head back into the woods.


  1. I start a running program tonight. I'm not happy nor excited about it. I envy you and your ability to maintain a speed of 10mph by self propulsion.

  2. Trust me, it doesn't excite me either! Which is why I have a running playlist with lots of kick ass songs and I concentrate on the lyrics, otherwise I start having an inner monologue along the lines of "I hate this, this sucks, I'm bored, my ankle hurts, screw this....etc..."
    Although I do like what it does to my legs and ass. Maybe that should be my motivation; thinking of my ass!:D


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