15 March 2010

Does it freak anyone else out that when you write/respond to an email in Gmail, suddenly there are advertisements that are related to whatever you wrote about? Big Brother, anyone? How can people look you dead in the eye, tell you they lost custody of their previous two children and then say, "But don't worry; it wasn't for anything bad." Yes, because you usually lose custody for say, not keeping the child's toenails sufficiently short so as not to put holes in his/her socks. Do you know that Iron Maiden is coming here in June and my concert going pal is in Bahrain? And knocked up? I think she should fly here and expose that child to the finer things in life at an early age. Do you know how much I love getting into the middle of a family fight in my patient's room that ends up with me having to call security and then calling the arresting officer from the night before to get an unbiased accounting of whether the sperm donor can be on site or not? And how the whole incident didn't even phase me? I'm pretty positive I have a reserved table in hell for making fun of our client base and that doesn't stress me at all. I'll be in good company.


  1. a nod of the head with tight lips.....yep. 'nother day at the office i say. jerry springer has nuthin on us.

  2. Jerry Springer wishes he had our drama.


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