16 March 2010

The Boys Go Longboarding

I watch this over and over and I laugh hysterically every time. Nice, Mom.


  1. Nice mom! lmao!! I watched it on FB at work and LOL'd!! My boss is like, "umm, whats so funny??".

    Good stuff. Any good boo boos??

  2. You get FB at work?!? We get a big fat surf control ACCESS DENIED!! Yeah, we have some large road rash here but I just tell them to suck it up because chicks dig scars. ;)

  3. oooooh, Im slackin. sorry missed ur reply. lol Yes we get FB, my company blocked it for years then they made some sort of video that they posted on youtube and that pretty much opened up the interwebs completely because they had to give us access to see our own company video. duh. THAT was a long rambling response. Its friday and I'm chatty.

  4. and yes, chicks dig scars. ;)


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