14 March 2010

I finished reading this last night (when I should have been sleeping because I was on call at 0300 and would lose an hour anyway due to that whole spring forward jazz).  You will notice, on the side bar over there, a link to Kaboom which leads....exactly nowhere.  Blog not found is the message that pops up.  Kaboom was a blog written by LT G during his deployment to Iraq as a Scout platoon leader.  LT G's blog was shut down, not because he violated OPSEC or any flagrant transgression that would put him or his men in danger.  He was shut down for declining a position that would take him away from his men, and a job he did well; a job that made a difference.  And then he wrote about it, which would not have been a problem except LT G forgot, this one time, to run the posting by his captain, which is required for a blog to be allowed by the military.  Which is why a lot of blog authors write under pseudonyms, especially while active duty.  It's a little less restrictive, not that any of these military authors would violate OPSEC.  Some of the best blogs I've read have been by The Usual Suspect, Mudpuppy, LT Nixon, Big Tobacco...hardly the names bestowed by their loving mamas on the day of their births.  Because LT G was a sanctioned blog, his oversight gave the powers that be the power to shut him down.  Luckily the good LT (then Captain, now separated from the Army) did not stop writing.  So, this little gem has a few familiar stories from the blog-that-was, but also covers a lot that he was unable to write about as well as what happened after he could no longer post. 

Matt Gallagher's writing is at turns, humorous, painful, thoughtful, and shocking.  Give it try.  He's worth it.

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